Chapter 1

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The Mysterious GirlEdit

The begining of chapter one starts with music playing, under a tree is a girl laying a magical instriment. While playing the 

Light stone 1

instriment she suddenly hears a low roar. As she stands from the fountain she is sitting on she turns to see airships flying toward her.

She holds her hand in front of her, revealing a glowing diamond like stone. She wispers "Let the spirits guide me" and turns to run away, but not before she doubles back to gave her instriment. 

Lilia look

The scene ends with her disappearing from the fountain area.

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Lloyd Vs. KhargEdit

The scene develops as you can see the Town of Yebell, there is then an emphasis on a particular event where three people are gathered infront of a house. The two men grab swords as the woman stands back. One man is imediatly identified as Lloyd as the other challenges him. Lloyd then identifies his oppenent as Kharg, and continues to say he want to see how much Khargs fighting has changed. The woman cheers kharg on as the battle commences. After many strikes Kharg disarmes Lloyd and force him to yeild. Lloyd then congratulates kharg on his victory. He then precessed to identify his daughter Paulette as he was angry that she would root her father opponent.

Story 2

Banjo's WorriesEdit

After the three rest they soon interupted by Banjo who runs the powerplant of the city. He calls out to Lloyd saying he needs to talk about something that has been troubling him. Lloyd will go talk to banjo leaving you two options. In this part Kharg has two options, he can go into his house or see what Banjo wanted. (house first).