Barns' Lost Dog (納屋'失われた犬, Naya' ushinawareta inu) is a Job in Arc The Lad II it can be found at the Indigos Guild.

Details Edit

Mr. Barns has lost his dog. He wishes a Hunter to help him retrieve it. He'll meet in front of the bar in daylight to give more detailed information.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Retrieve the job from the Indigos Guild.
  2. Speak to Mr. Barns directly in front of the Indigos Bar and he will ask you to locate his dog.
  3. Enter the Indigos Sewer from from the manhole once you enter Elc will notice Barns' dog he attempts to save the dog but is ambushed by monsters and a battle begins.
  4. These monsters shouldn't prove too difficult, just stick with physical attacks with all your parties' physical attackers especially Elc and Shu. Use Cure as needed and avoid the enemies Poison Breath and Paralysis Wind abilities.
  5. After the battle your party will retrieve Barns' dog. Return to the surface and talk to a boy standing in front of Indigos Barhe will give you a message from barns telling he has gone away on business and wishes for you to take care of his dog. You will also receive 4 Doggy Treats.
  6. Return to the guild and collect your bounty.

Battle Information Edit

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