"I will save the Deimos."

— DarcTemplate:Infobox characterDarc (ダルク Daruku) is a recurring character in the Arc The Lad Series. He is one of the main protagonists in Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits. He is a human-deimos half breed and spent some of his infant years living among Humans. He was once the leader of the of the Orcon tribe a title he took by force by killing Densimo in combat. Due to his actions to prevent the destruction of the Deimos he gained the title "King Of The Deimos" (ダイモスの王 Daimosu no ō) He is the lead protagonist of Darc's Story one of the games main story lines.After his role in Darc's Party he is considered one of the Heroes of the world and is also responsible for helping to bring peace among the Human and Deimos races.

Darc appears in Arc The Lad: End Of Darkness as a Character Card.

Personality and TraitsEdit

In the beginning of his life Darc seems very timid and seems unaware of what is happening with Nafia and Windalf. Undergoing a tragic experience causes him to act more like a Deimos.

in chapter one of Darc's story he was far more humane than other Deimos yet he felt the need to prove that he was a real Deimos by threatening to kill the Deimos that taunt him. He did however show kindness towards the Firble he "adopted", Delma even Geedo. However, once Densimo and Geedo betrayed him, Darc's character lost most of his kindness. After he killed Densimo he became far more ambitious, cruel and somewhat arrogant.


Darc traveled with his father across Aldrow until they rested at church ruins where Darc gets the Wind Stone just before his father's sudden death. Lost and without food or shelter he wandered Orcoth where Geedo found him and made him his slave and tortured him for years.

Darc as a Child

Darc as a child receiving the windstone.

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