Darmyst is a name given to a malademon that inhabited the Cave Of Truth on Cragh Island. The creature was feared by the people living on the island until it was exorcised by Edda.

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The Darmyst was an exceptionally large malademon towering over any human that encountered it. It was a monster made of stones as if of the walls of the cave it resided in itself.

History Edit

Not much is known on how the darmyst came to be. It resided in the Cave Of Truth terrifying villagers and travelers to Cragh Island. The residents on Cragh hired Hunters to eliminate the malademon from the cave however, the hunters were soon after killed by the darmyst and Edda was chosen to go into the cave and eliminate the darmyst where he unlocked his exorcist abilities successfully exorcising the darmyst.

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  • A gatekeeper in Milmarna laughs when Edda mentions the name of the Darmyst mentioning he finds it funny how villagers would give a name to a malademon.