Deimos are a race of intelligent monsters that came into existence after The Great Calamity. They are described by humans as "monsters that use tools", Deimos have the natural ability to use magic. There are several different races of Deimos that exist in the world, some of which that have built large settlements.From the time of their discovery by the human population the two species had disagreements. The disagreements grew into larger conflicts and eventually Humans and Deimos were banned from associating from each other. The conflicts for territory and resources would eventually break out into a war known as The Human-Deimos Conflict.With the end of the Human-Deimos Conflict certain Deimos races began to accept and establish relations with humans. Some even allowing Humans to live within their territory.

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The Deimos species as a whole are one that is simply trying to survive. Their hatred of Humans comes from their taking of the Spiritual Stone resource one of which the Deimos rely on heavily for their magical abilities. They justify every action they perform as an act of survival. However, some are seeking revenge Volk, the last known living member of the Lupine tribe has deep rooted hatred for Humans because they are the cause of the death of his family and subsequently the fall of his race.

Darc who would become later known as "The King Of The Deimos." Was the Deimos who would eventually help shift this ideology, once a Deimos who was on track to have the Deimos survive forcefully by killing off Humans would eventually come to the conclusion that a peaceful resolution was possible, after coming to a resolution with his own human brother Kharg. The Human and Deimos races still highly disagree upon each other but have put their Waring tendencies aside to seek a more peaceful ideology.

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