Warning: This article contains SPOILERS

Delma is a female orcon (sometimes called a "she-orc"), sister of Densimo and acts like a love interest for Darc. She is a playable character in Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits.

Personality and TraitsEdit



Delma is hot-headed and stubborn though she does have a softer side that she rarely shows. In Darc's first chapter she is show's Darc concern over his life and seems to develop a crush on him. However this attitude changes to one of revenge when Darc kills Densimo, her brother. Despite his unlikable personality, Delma cared deeply for Densimo as he was her only family. She has a dislike of humans because they killed her parents.


Delma's parents were killed shortly after her birth by humans. She was raised, along with her older brother Densimo by the at-that-time orcon leader Gorma. At some point in her life, Delma's right horn was broken by her brother because he was in a foul mood.


Arc the lad IV 012

Darc fulfilling Delma's wish to fly.

Initially, Delma treats Darc the same as the other orcons do. However this changes quickly, upon discovering his firble, Delma agrees to keep silent if Darc fulfills her wish to fly which he does so with ease. Following this moment Delma & Darc team up against the Drakyr. Later, after Darc leaves his house, him and Delma go back to the church ruins to check on the firble, this time to find humans infiltrating Orcon territory. After this Delma convinces her brother to team up with Darc to crush the humans steals their spirit stones and the Darkyr who are after Darc and his wind stone. At the time of Densimo's betrayal Delma is absent (still unconscious from the Drakyr attack) and is in shock when she rushes there, finding her brother dead by Darc's hands. She then vows vengeance on Darc for killing her brother

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