Japanese Name エルク
English Name Elc
Titles Master Of Flame
Gender 20px Male
Affiliation Hunters

Arc's Party
Elc's Party

Occupation Hunter
Elc (Eruku, エルク) was a Hunter from Prodias and was a master of fire magic. During a raid on his village Elc's family was murdered and he was kidnapped and taken to the Chimera Research Lab. It remained his goal to find the men responsible for killing his village and to rescue his lost friend Mariel. He was widely regarded due to his skills with fire magic which have earned him the title of "Master of Flame" it is also suggested that his mastery of flame was why ha was able to become a hunter at such a young age.

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When Elc was a young child his village was raided by Romalian soldiers where he would witness the murder of his family. Elc was taken from his home and sent to the Chimera Research Lab at White House in order to have his flame powers researched. He would make friends with other children Mariel and Ginie.

Elc eventually notices that the other children around him are disappearing, sensing that something was wrong Elc along with Mariel attempt to escape from White House while being trailed by Cabal members. Elc loses Mariel on the way but manages to escape vowing to return to rescue her one day.

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