Galburn known as Master Hunter Galburn was a contestant at the Clenia Arena. He made it to the final round before begin defeated by Gruga.

Biography Edit

Arc The Lad IIEdit

Galburn shows up at only one point in the game during the tournament at Clenia Arena. In his his introduction it is said he defeated a record number of criminals, possibly meaning he was a bounty hunter, hunter or law enforcement in his past. He makes it to the final round during the tournament where he faces Gruga. In the end he loses the match and the 100,000G prize.

Skills and Abilities Edit

Close CombatEdit

During the battle with Gruga, Galburn is shown to be skilled at close quarters combat. He has enough speed to keep up with Gruga and enough strength to immobilize him for a short time.


Galburn is skilled with magical abilities, during the battle with Gruga it is shown that Galburn can cast spells with ease and great speed. He seems to specialize in wind and ice magic.