Girth (胴回り,Dōmawari) also know as by his nickname "Girth The Artist" is an artist from Renn. He is a recurring quest character appearing in appearing in three separate guild jobs. He lives on the second story of the Renn Inn.

Appearance Edit

Personality Edit

Girth has quite an eccentric personality often becoming so focused on his work that he often becomes rude and begins to shout sometimes even scaring off potential models. He can even becoming so enthralled in his work that he puts his own and others lives in danger especially during the "Bodyguard For The Troubled Painter" job.

Girth is however, extremely passionate about his work and often very aware of his flaws always apologizing when making mistakes and offering shows in his gallery on the second floor of the Renn Inn.

History Edit

At some point Girth moved to Renn and began renting out a room on the second floor of the Renn Inn ever since he has been practicing art around the town.

Model For A Troubled PainterEdit

New Work For The ArtistEdit

Bodyguard For The Troubled ArtistEdit

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