Indigos Sewer Research (インディゴ下水道研究, Indigo gesuidō kenkyū) is a job in Arc The Lad II. The job can be accepted from the Indigos Guild and is available after the story event when Elc and Liezia are saved by Shante from the police in Indigos.

Description Edit

The town sewer system has been clogged for a number of days. However, repair personnel won't go down and fix it because it's overrun with monsters, The client wishes the Hunter to fix the sewer.

Walkthrough Edit

  1. Receive the job from the Indigos Guild.
  2. In the northeastern corner of Indigos, speak to a blue haired boy near a manhole he will mention a strange sound in the sewer.
  3. Step over the manhole and press "X" Elc will mention a strange sound, then select open it.
  4. Elc will proceed into the Indigos Sewer and notice no water is flowing, he will realize a pile of Slimes is blocking the Indigo Sewage.
  5. You will commence a battle with the Slimes, they are quite easy to dispatch your standard attacks should work fine. If you find your parties' health getting low use a herb or have Liezia use cure.
  6. After the battle is won the sewer will begin flowing normally again. Return to the surface and collect your bounty from the Indigos Guild.

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