Kukuru is a member of the Sacred White Clan, which is sworn to protect the Flame Cion that has been burning for 3000 years. However, in order to avoid her duty in marrying the Crown Prince, she goes and puts out the fire. After realizing her mistake, Arc comes and relights the fire, saving Kukuru from the released demon and causing her to follow him for the rest of his journey.


Arc the LadEdit

Arc the Lad IIEdit

Prior to the Great Disaster, Kukuru and the rest of the party attempted to stop Romalia from unleashing The Dark One. While trying to control The Dark One the Romalian King was 'possessed' by The Dark One. In the midst of trying to destroy the world The Dark One ultimately kills Kukuru and Arc. Their sacrifice seals The Dark One ending the Great Disaster before it destroyed the entire world.

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