Kukuru was a hero from Touvil and a master of sealing magic, as a member of the Sacred White Clan, she was sworn to protect the Flame Cion that had been been burning for 3000 years. However, to avoid her arranged marriage, she extinguishes the fire. By doing so she releases an ancient demon known as the Ark Ghoul upon the world, who is later resealed by Arc, who lights the flame once again. After her misdeeds she begins to travel with Arc, becoming the third official member to join Arc's Party.

After her travels with Arc she realizes her mistake in extinguishing the flame and takes responsibility for her actions by meditating to seal away demons in the Sabatico Shrine. Kukuru eventually rejoins with Arc and Elc's Party to confront The Dark One, during the battle her and Arc give their lives hoping to permanently seal away The Dark One.

Due to her actions as a member of Arc's Party, Kukuru is known as one of the Heroes Of The World and remembered as The Holy Mother for her sacrifice when sealing away The Dark One.


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Prior to the Great Disaster, Kukuru and the rest of the party attempted to stop Romalia from unleashing The Dark One. While trying to control The Dark One the Romalian King was 'possessed' by The Dark One. In the midst of trying to destroy the world The Dark One ultimately kills Kukuru and Arc. Their sacrifice seals The Dark One ending the Great Disaster before it destroyed the entire world.