Warning: This article contains SPOILERS

Paulette Profile

Name: Paulette

Race: Human

Paulette is a female human, daughter of Lloyd and acts as a love interest for Kharg . She is a playable character in Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits.

Personality and TraitsEdit



Paulettes personality is reflective of her Warrior like finess. She is extremely book smart and trivial in all subjects. She also thinks before she acts and alway see two sides of a problem. However she is eaisily Jealous of others that seem to out do her actions or jealous of those who impress Kharg her childhood friend.


Paulette grew up in the town of Yewbell, and is the daughter of the former Captain of the Defense Corp Lloyd. She is childhood friends with Kharg and holds a secret crush on him which causes her to become aggitated when Kharg begins to notice Lilia. Age 16 twighlight of the spirits  17 EOD

Paulette's Battling AbilitiesEdit

Paulette has battle skills that use her Sling Blade, she also has a number of support abilities.

Battle SkillsEdit

First Aid

First Aid

Class: 1

Cost: 6 Spirit Stones

Description: Restores health to a Tareget.

Sling Knife

Sling Knife

Class: 1

Cost: 10 Spirit Stones

Description: Slings a knife into a target and burns them causing damage.

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