Shu is a primary protagonist during Arc The Lad II and was a major member of Elc's Party. He was a hunter from Indigos. He was close friends with Elc and helped aid him on his quest during Arc The Lad II. Shu used shadow abilities and is useful as a primary attacker.


Shu was a tall young man with pale white skin and light blue hair. His body was a slender build and he was usually dressed in common Shinobi gear.


Shu's considered personality was a loner. He liked to be alone and usually did not have much input in conversations. However, Shu was extremely loyal to his friends in allies often to the point of risking his own life for their sake. He led a mostly quiet life, in exception for being a hunter a profession most likely chosen because of his exceptional skills in combat.



Shu found Elc in the Salba Desert after he escaped from The White House. Shu took Elc in and afterwards the two became close friends working together as hunters. Shu would also join Elc during the events of Arc The Lad II.


Abilities And SkillsEdit

Shu is a useful attacker character. He uses primarily shadow type abilities and is adept at stealth making use of Steal in battle effectively.