The Cabal was a criminal organization founded by Gallnaro that operated under the umbrella of Romalia. They established operations all over the world but claimed the most influence in Aldia. The Cabal was formed ultimately to add military power to Romalia. After the raids of their numerous hidden laboratories and the death of Gallnaro, The Cabal eventually collapsed.

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The Cabal was formed to create an army of enhanced chimeras for Romalia. The organizations operation was left into the hands of Gallnaro one of the members of The Four Generals.

The main goal of The Cabal was to improve Romalia's military strength. By experimenting on soldiers and discovering how to transform them into monster chimera's, The Cabal had the ability to potentially increase the fighting strength of every Romalian soldier.

Eventually, The Cabal discovered that they could transform young children with magical gifts. They began operations to kidnap as many children with magical abilities as possible. These children would be taken to research labs to allow their magical abilities to cultivate before ultimately being transformed into monsters.

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